Thursday, September 23, 2010

Julia Roberts feels complete since the wife and mother

"I love the role of wife and mother because I complete. I learn so much from my sons are able to surprise me every day. Sometimes I think that basically, there is no need to go to Piazza Navona or the Hindu temple in Varanasi for trying such a sense of wonder: just wade the beauty around you. "

This was told Julia Roberts in an interview with the weekly Grazia , speaking of his latest film "Eat, pray, love." Do not you find it tender?

Lindsay Lohan offered 50 thousand dollars to blow up balloons

The adult site has offered to pay 50 thousand dollars to take Lindsay Lohan ... the act of popping balloons. Apparently the balloon-fetish community is wider than you think. You got it right: these people are excited to see someone make a balloon until it burst. Enjoy the "fear that the balloon might burst at any moment."

Dollars might be the easiest of his career (and they would not be naked), but hardly Lilo approve the proposal. As "red" has not yet reduced to these levels need to pull up a few thousand dollars. If we want honest, this offer seems more a publicity stunt site red light. What do you recommend to Lindsay if you were his manager?

Taylor Momsen, Madonna and Lourdes Ciccone together for the launch of the Material Girl

Taylor Momsen has joined the family Mary , mother and daughter, for the official launch of "Material Girl" held yesterday in New York. This is the first clothing line signed by the lady and her daughter Lourdes Ciccone (with the help of the study Iconix Brand Group). Taylor was chosen to represent the new brand but it does not seem particularly enthusiastic.

Same look, same makeup, the only difference is the look than usual. We are sure that somewhere in Taylor's contract is a clause that prevents to appear dressed as the events numbered Material Girl. Click continued to see another picture of Madonna, Lourdes and Taylor together "passionately".

Kim Kardashian is Oktoberfest

After Michelle Hunziker , another our loyal customers has made drag from Oktoberfest celebrations. This is Kim Kardashian , who is in Germany to take part in the most famous beer festival in the world.

For the occasion, Kim has also worn a dress, by publishing the photo you see on your Twitter profile.
The dress gives her very much, as her hair: I have conquered the Germans, including a chicken leg and a pint of beer!

Crisis between Malika Ayane and Crematory?

There are rumors that there is an air of crisis among singers Crematory and Malika Ayane . What gives the weekly About Malika would ever closer to Mauro, his former partner and father of her child, that would also help to find a new home in Milan. No confirmation or denial comes from those directly involved, not even a year ago have formalized their relationship.

Fabrizio Corona: "I and Belen Rodriguez are just friends"

The final declaration of his love story with Belen Rodriguez, the king of paparazzi Fabrizio Corona has made today during a fashion show during fashion week in Milan:

I put my head straight for a year and a half since I met Belen. For now we're just friends with her, if we were back together just to do things seriously.

Ah, so they are back together, although there are paparazzi all over the papers that prove the contrary. But now those who believe more! I believe that Mr. Crown is finally cartridges ....

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New girlfriend for Kanye West: the "Pussycat Melody Thornton?

A girlfriend a week and you're done. Goes hunting 'new girlfriend' to Kanye West . After the British model Shay , this time it's even a former Pussycat Dolls play as the future Amber Rose . According MediaTakeOut fact the rapper would be flirting with Melody Thornton, a former Pussycat. The two were let go for a weekend of passion, then ended up at the end of the VMA, which Kanye seen among the leaders. What really is the new flame Melody Thornton West?

Eyeglasses for David Beckham

The launch of yet another fashion? Look for English novel David Beckham , paparazzi wearing a flashy pair of glasses. Mount the 'Arisa' for the former AC Milan soccer player and Real Madrid have never seen so far with no glasses on their face. So the reasons are only three left: David O is aging, and has always worn contact lenses or short we will see yet another new brand advertising. As it happens, glasses ...

Justin Bieber is single

That all its fans place on fire because there is fresh meat in sight. Interviewed by People magazine, Justin Bieber admits to being single! Revealed the 'secret', Justin has also described his ideal woman:

"My ideal girl should be fun, to make me laugh." "It must have beautiful eyes and a beautiful smile."

Scored all? Perfect, now there is nothing left to do but ... you forward.

John Travolta dances with Oprah Winfrey

Last season to remember for the Oprah Winfrey Show. First episode coming for the famous talk show, came in 25th and final year of programming, with lots of special guests invited to sing with the Queen of American TV talk shows . Among these, he, John Travolta , ready to dance as graceful in the days of Saturday Night Fever. After you hover over the notes of Uma Thurman You Never Can Tell in Pulp Fiction, the actor promises to do the same with Oprah, at least judging by the short television spots announcing the event,